Our Partners

Three Good has partnered with diverse, driven companies that share our mission to help people and the planet. Together, we're paving the way toward a brighter, cleaner, and happier future for all.


For more than 40 years, Lifewater has been bringing clean water and improved health to families living in extreme poverty. Since 1977, we’ve served more than 2.5 million people across 45 countries.

Lifewater x Threegood: Multiplying safe water and dealing with the root cause of water-born disease. By delivering data with a purpose to each subscribing Three Good business, we’re able to build momentum in dealing with the root cause of the safe water issue globally. We deliver pinpoint metrics on villages certified in hygiene and sanitation along with weekly progress reports on construction and well-building. Through our Social Metrics feature, we deliver GPS accuracy for all areas we’re working in for full transparency stateside.
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FINCA International is a nonprofit, microfinance organization, founded by John Hatch in 1984. Sometimes referred to as the “World Bank for the Poor”, FINCA is the innovator of the village banking methodology in microcredit and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern-day microfinance. FINCA provides low-income people around the world the tools they need to succeed. FINCA’s programs benefit millions of people across five continents.

Finca x Three Good: Together we are providing a way for businesses to empower women in rural areas the opportunity to education, entrepreneurship and employment. We believe all women should have the chance to flourish and be liberated to thrive!

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For 30 years Surfrider has been improving coastal water. This initiative has been one of the organizations top priorities. Our Clean Water Initiative strives to protect water resources and prevent pollution from reaching the ocean. Water quality at the beach is threatened by pollution from urban and agricultural runoff, sewage spills and overflows, and waste discharged into the ocean by industry, sewage treatment plants and power plants.

Surfrider x Threegood: A partnership that strives to deliver the best Clean Water data to businesses around the world. So that we can all join together to ensure we are tracking and making progress against the global water crisis.

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