A Passion for change

After spending 20 years developing some of the world’s most compelling brands, with his next venture, our Founder wanted to create a groundswell for global change.

At Three Good, we want to answer two simple questions:

“If water is our most precious resource, what are we doing to steward it?”
“How can we provide businesses real value that matters to their bottom line?”

Transforming the way you get drunk at work!
And (ahem), we mean water people.

93 million workers are dehydrated at work. And 844 million people don’t have access to safe water. Three Good was born from a passion to create a solution to both problems and make an end of human suffering resulting from the Global Water Crisis.

It’s Simple Our product is designed to fuel a unified business movement to end the crisis by drinking more water at work!

Purpose To increase employee engagement and cross-departmental competition through hydrating for a worthy cause.

Our Team
Braven Greenelsh

Braven is a proven visionary leader & serial entrepreneur. Over the past twenty years Braven has founded five for-profit businesses including a non-profit organization. 

After launching La Visual, an award-winning branding agency in 2004, (valued at $10 million) he moved on to start several technology businesses acquiring subscribers like: Discover Channel, TLC, Lincoln Motor Co., FOX Studios, Yahoo!, WME | IMG, & Jafra Cosmetics. 

As a founder he’s fundraised millions and has been
a key player in two exits.

Stephen McMahon
Project Manager

As one of the first team members at Three Good, an entrepreneur at heart, Stephen brings his passion for technology and efficiency protocol to utilize as Project Manager at Three Good. He has strong previous startup experience, and a background in project management. He is currently completing his PMP certification at UCLA.

Stephen grew up in Michigan. His love for all things “water” started there, where he spent time hiking, fishing, camping and hunting near Michigan’s lovely waterways and lakes. As a resident near Flint, he witnessed the immense impact poor water quality has on the vitality of people. He was shocked and moved at the hurt this caused so many people. Stephen is passionate about community engagement and social impact. He believes it’s every person’s responsibility to care for their community and the planet. Resultant, identifying thoughtful solutions for human sustainability is one of his top priorities at Three Good, while he oversees Production and product fulfilment. It’s this passion that fuels his tenacious style for getting things done on time and on budget at Three Good.