Three Good Water
A Passion for change

After spending 20 years developing some of the world’s most compelling brands, with his next venture, our Founder wanted to create a groundswell for global change.

Vision: To build a better future for businesses by connecting mental wellbeing with corporate social responsibility.

Purpose: We exist to ensure mental wellness at the workplace by enabling employees to thrive through cause, care, and community.  

People First, Show Empathy, Think Globally, Be Diverse, Actively Listen

Our Brand

Our Logo: 
The logo and the name are critical to our ethos and why we founded Three Good. our founders’ vision was to create a B-corp in the SaaS category that would ensure the end of the global water crisis while offering a strong Business solution for HR/People Leaders.. 

It’s about helping companies realize the growing demand for social good and for us to help all businesses make Corporate Responsibility an integral part of who they are. This includes thoughtful integration with how they ensure the mental and emotional wellbeing of their workforce. 

Our Name:
Our name evolved from our desire to address the three most critical areas of the water crisis while addressing the three most overlooked areas in most employee engagement platforms and HR survey products, namely: cause, care and community.

Our Team
Braven Greenelsh

As Founder & CEO, Braven casts the long-term vision for the company, while developing fundraising strategies alongside new business development. Additionally, braven contributes to critical product design decisions. As a branding expert and an award-winning Creative Director who holds over 30 esteemed design awards, his work has been published in various industry leading publications such as:

PRINT, The Startup, Forbes, LA Times, and NY Times.

Over the past 22 years Braven has founded 5 SaaS businesses in various verticals. He has successfully exited two of the businesses he helped launch. Braven graduated from Biola University with a B.S. in Business Management while subsequently growing his first company 1,000% over a 3-year period. Aside from his work as a Serial Entrepreneur, Braven is an engaging speaker who has been invited to speak on branding, design and entrepreneurship at: UCLA, Techstars, AIGA, and the Redondo Beach Convention Center. Braven currently writes for Forbes and the Startup on Medium.

Stephen McMahon
Project Manager

As one of the first team members at Three Good, an entrepreneur at heart, Stephen brings his passion for technology and efficiency protocol to utilize as Project Manager at Three Good. He has strong previous startup experience, and a background in project management. He has a PMP certification from UCLA.

Stephen grew up in Michigan. His love for all things “water” started there, where he spent time hiking, fishing, camping and hunting near Michigan’s lovely waterways and lakes. As a resident near Flint, he witnessed the immense impact poor water quality has on the vitality of people. He was shocked and moved at the hurt this caused so many people. Stephen is passionate about community engagement and social impact. He believes it’s every person’s responsibility to care for their community and the planet. Resultant, identifying thoughtful solutions for human sustainability is one of his top priorities at Three Good, while he oversees Production and product fulfilment. It’s this passion that fuels his tenacious style for getting things done on time and on budget at Three Good.