Holding Onto Hope That Our Planet Will Be Transformed and Vibrant.

After skillfully navigating the waters of the corporate world for more than 30 years, our Founders saw a powerful opportunity…to put the drinking water consumed at millions of offices around the world every single day to GOOD use. To improve lives across the globe while helping businesses increase their triple-bottom line impact!.

Today, Three Good is fueling a unified business movement to ease the global water crisis. Our mission is simple: To give more than 1 million people access to safe drinking water and transform the world we all share into a better, healthier place for everyone.

Three Good is: Water Good, Earth Good, & People Good.

We Love LA

Growing up in Los Angeles, we have had our fair share of water problems. From its early days, LA had no sustainable water source. In fact we are the only major city that wouldn’t have existed without coming up with a creative solution for water. Not to mention our less than desirable distance from the coastline, with a port of entry that was like San Diego’s smaller step brother. We have consistently topped the charts for worst tap water in the country.

Los Angeles is a city that constantly innovates and creates change felt worldwide. It’s a city of story and resilience. A city with the willpower to make a clarion call for change. It’s the tenacity of innovation in the face of insurmountable odds that makes Los Angeles a great place to start a global movement to end the water crisis once and for all!

We believe that all who have been given much should give in return! This starts with our businesses. From Pasadena, to Silicon Beach, to Irvine and the Inland Empire, Los Angeles is a treasure trove of great businesses and startups thriving off the creativity of people who cultivate change daily.

Our Team
Braven Greenelsh

As Founder & CEO of Three Good, Braven helps form the vision and ethos behind the business, While playing a critical role in forming the overall Brand Strategy and Identity, Braven spearheads overall business feasibility and growth strategy. An award-winning Creative Director and agency founder, Braven was born and raised in SoCal. Water has been an integral part of his life since childhood. From surfing the LA and OC coastline during winters where drainage run-off and waste often caused many to get sick, to having to drink filtered water living near downtown, Three Good’s B-corp. model has been brewing in his heart for awhile. This passion to create better social and ecological impact became more lucid after he started AMP Los Angeles with his brother-in-law in 2014. After seeing the positive impact of the creative youth development program, he was emboldened to do something greater with his next venture.

Over the past 20 years Braven has been on the ground floor of seven previous ventures, been a part of successful exits, raised millions in funding and has worked with global agencies and publicly-traded corporations to improve brand equity and efficiency at the c-level.

Throughout his career, Braven's had the privilege to work with brands like Sony Pictures, FOX, Discovery Channel, Toyota, Lincoln Motor Company, Omnicom, Intuit, WME | IMG, Yahoo!, IAC, and ASGN.

Stephen McMahon
Project Manager

As one of the first team members at Three Good, an entrepreneur at heart, Stephen brings his passion for technology and efficiency protocol to utilize as Project Manager at Three Good. He has strong previous startup experience, and a background in project management. He is currently completing his PMP certification at UCLA.

Stephen grew up in Michigan. His love for all things “water” started there, where he spent time hiking, fishing, camping and hunting near Michigan’s lovely waterways and lakes. As a resident near Flint, he witnessed the immense impact poor water quality has on the vitality of people. He was shocked and moved at the hurt this caused so many people. Stephen is passionate about community engagement and social impact. He believes it’s every person’s responsibility to care for their community and the planet. Resultant, identifying thoughtful solutions for human sustainability is one of his top priorities at Three Good, while he oversees Production and product fulfilment. It’s this passion that fuels his tenacious style for getting things done on time and on budget at Three Good.