Find out what your people care about most

Gain insights on emotional wellbeing based upon reactions to social projects with real-time tracking.

Predictive Mental Wellness Analytics

Gain insights on whether your people are thriving or just getting through the day with our Mindful Day™ voting features instead of sending another boring survey.

Better Follow through for Employees

Includes integrations with Top Inter-Culture Intelligence Training Programs and Best practices in mindfulness.

Why Three Good?


  • Find Out What Your People Care About
  • Team Emotional and Mental Indicators
  • Increase Team Productivity
  • Boost Employee Wellbeing
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Ensure you’re covering the areas of wellbeing your current platform is missing. But you get to keep it. Just add Three Good to your arsenal.

No More Plastic
Lower Stress Through Social Good

Our B-corp model ensures that your company is actively pursuing corporate responsibility by using our platform.

Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with organizations that are making incredible strides toward healing the planet while driving lasting, positive changes for humanity. ​

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